TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to Pass the Bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act & Other Measures to Support Displaced Afghans

June 9, 2023

Join us during Evacuate Our Allies’ Advocacy Days from June 12th to June 16th, when hundreds of Afghan evacuees, veterans, faith leaders, and other advocates across the country are coming together to urge their Senators and Representatives to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act and support Afghans both at home and abroad.

Since the fall of Kabul in August 2021, millions of Afghans have been displaced from their homes, including many who risked their lives in support of the U.S. mission. During the evacuation, the U.S. welcomed more than 76,000 Afghans on a temporary basis via humanitarian parole, which provides only two years of protection and no clear path to permanent status. Even though the vast majority of Afghan parolees are eligible for asylum or Special Immigrant Visas, fewer than 10% have secured permanent protections. A recently announced reparole process only highlights how many Afghans are stuck in limbo on temporary status almost two years after the evacuation. Many more remain at risk in Afghanistan or nearby countries where they lack adequate protection. 

The Afghan Adjustment Act, first introduced in August 2022, would establish a path for Afghan evacuees to apply for lawful permanent status in the U.S. as well as expand pathways to protection for Afghans who remain left behind. Congress must pass the Afghan Adjustment Act and support other legislation and oversight that would ensure the administration upholds our promises to Afghans at risk. Join us in urging Congress to take action!



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As your constituent from [City/town] and [a person of faith/refugee/member of my community], I urge you to support the Afghan Adjustment Act — and to hold the administration accountable to continue protecting Afghans who remain at risk in Afghanistan and other nearby countries. 

During the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan in 2021, more than 76,000 at-risk Afghans were welcomed into the U.S. under humanitarian parole, a temporary status that does not offer a clear path to permanent protection. Specifically, I urge you to:

  • Support the Afghan Adjustment Act, bipartisan legislation that would allow relocated Afghans the opportunity to apply for permanent status. The bill also improves and expands safe pathways to the U.S. for those who have been left behind in Afghanistan or other countries where they remain in harm’s way.
  • Pass legislation to increase Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) processing efficiency and capacity to allow the U.S. to protect eligible Afghans who remain at risk. These steps include supporting the Afghan Allies Protection Act (S.1786) and the Refugee Protection Act as well as securing additional SIV slots in annual appropriations bills. 
  • Establish robust oversight of the Biden administration’s efforts to protect Afghans left behind and ensure continuity of services for evacuees living in the U.S., including by holding the administration accountable for its commitments to rebuilding the U.S. refugee admissions program and growing effective and expansive pathways to permanent protection.

My community welcomes Afghan evacuees, and I hope you will do the same. Thank you.

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Safety should not be merely temporary. It’s time for Congress to honor our nation’s commitments to our Afghan allies and pass the #AfghanAdjustmentAct.

Our Afghan allies have been waiting for far too long for the permanence and stability that they deserve. Congress must pass the #AfghanAdjustmentAct NOW.

Our nation has a moral responsibility to protect and support at-risk Afghans. It’s long past time for Congress to pass the #AfghanAdjustmentAct.

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