Take Action: Urge Congress to Pass an Afghan Adjustment Act & Support Afghans Left Behind

March 10, 2022

Following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, over 130,000 Afghans were evacuated of whom 44% are children. As the urgent evacuations played out in real time, thousands of Afghans were granted humanitarian parole, which is a temporary immigration status typically granted for one or two years. An Afghan Adjustment Act would allow Afghan evacuees to apply to become lawful permanent residents one year after arrival. Given the temporary nature of parole, tens of thousands of the evacuated Afghan men, women, and children resettled in the U.S. will need to navigate complex legal issues to find lasting protection in the U.S. We also know that countless vulnerable Afghans were left behind, at risk of violence and persecution. The administration has a moral obligation to establish safe pathways out of Afghanistan, a process to equitably and efficiently welcome Afghans, who are still in Afghanistan or in other host countries, to the U.S., and expand and expedite access to life-saving refugee protections.

Join us in calling for Members of Congress to uphold our moral obligation to pass an Afghan Adjustment Act as part of the next must-pass legislation and ensure Afghan evacuees have a chance for permanent protection and thrive in our communities.  It is equally important that Congress hold the Biden administration accountable to continue evacuations of at-risk Afghans in Afghanistan and third countries and equitably process those who were left behind to the United States.

Tell your Members of Congress to Support and Pass an Afghan Adjustment Act
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Sample Script: “My name is [Insert Name] and I am your constituent from [City, State]. [As a person of faith/a refugee/a veteran/community member], I urge you to support an Afghan Adjustment Act as part of the next must-pass legislation — and hold the administration accountable to continue welcoming Afghans who were left behind in Afghanistan and other host countries. An Afghan Adjustment Act is critical to provide Afghan evacuees with the chance to apply for adjustment of status one year after arrival. Without an Afghan Adjustment Act, Afghans that the U.S. government evacuated will face uncertainty and insecurity – every Afghan family deserves a peaceful and dignified immigration process and a pathway to permanent protection. Congress has historically passed similar bills for vulnerable evacuated populations, and this legislation will strengthen our communities and help Afghans integrate and thrive in the United States. I encourage you to support and pass an Afghan Adjustment Act as soon as possible.

Congress further has a role to play in ensuring the administration creates safe pathways out of Afghanistan, establishes procedures to equitably and efficiently welcome Afghans who were left behind in Afghanistan or other host countries to the United States, and expands and expedites access to life-saving refugee protections. My community welcomes Afghan refugees, and I urge you to do the same. Thank you.”

Amplify on Social Media: Use the sample social media posts below and this Evacuate Our Allies social media toolkit with sample social media posts and additional resources to amplify your message.

  • Our allies & at-risk Afghans face persecution in Afghanistan + legal uncertainty in the U.S. Join us in calling on Congress to #Advocate4Afghans. They must:
    ➡️ Pass the #AfghanAdjustmentAct NOW
    ➡️ Tell the Biden admin to #EvacuateOurAllies still stranded in Afghanistan
  • For allies & at-risk Afghans left behind in Afghanistan by the U.S. gov’t, there is no safety. For Afghans arriving in the U.S., safety is only temporary. Our Afghan neighbors deserve better. #EvacuateOurAllies & pass the #AfghanAdjustmentAct NOW. #Advocate4Afghans
  • Afghan refugees deserve safety that lasts.
    Afghans left behind to violence & persecution deserve safety – full stop.
    @POTUS @SecMayorkas @SecBlinken @SecDef: It’s time to #EvacuateOurAllies & truly #WelcomeHome our Afghan neighbors.
  • Evacuating some is not enough.
    Temporary safety is not enough.
    It’s time to finish what we started. We must #EvacuateOurAllies & #WelcomeHome our Afghan neighbors to safety in the U.S.

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