Climate Change

Photo: Sean Hawkey

The gravity of climate change requires us to act with urgency.

From rising sea levels and severe weather events to shifting agricultural seasons and increased exposure to disease, the world is already feeling the impacts of climate change. Its worst consequences fall increasingly on vulnerable communities who have contributed the least to climate change but suffer the most.

This is a human-made problem that cries out for a human solution in the form of fully engaged leaders, advocates and citizens working together to save our planet from devastation of climate change.

As people of faith, we believe we are called to protect and serve creation and seek justice for all people and future generations. Yet, even as we faithfully commit to doing our part, we recognize that these actions alone are not sufficient—this crisis requires a global response.

To create a future with clean air, a healthy environment, good jobs and resilience in the face of a changing climate for our children, countries around the world must commit to an ambitious, equitable and binding global framework to address climate change.


Jasmine N. Huggins

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer