Welcome a Refugee

Two young men becoming friends

CWS Durham seeks ways for community members and refugee clients to interact. Photo: Kate Roberts

Volunteer your time and make new friends

  • Set up an apartment
    Gather and store furniture and household items and set up the family’s apartment the week or weekend before they arrive in the United States.
  • Welcome a family home
    Cook the family a culturally appropriate and familiar meal for their day of arrival.
    Greet the family at the airport.
    Welcome them to their new home!
  • Transport
    Transport refugees to appointments – doctors’ appointments, job interviews, ESL classes, etc.
  • Teach
    Tutor children, practice conversational English or help teach English as a Second Language (ESL).
  • Mentor
    Befriend a refugee or refugee family.
  • Orient
    Provide cultural orientation or explore the city together.

Hold a donations drive

  • Organize a donation drive for furniture, household goods, personal care supplies, etc. Host an event or a party at your church, home or office.
  • Collect furniture and household items to setup an apartment
    Small sofas (a first home is often a small apartment)
    New mattresses and new or used frames – full or twin size
    Tables and chairs
    Rice cookers
    Alarm clocks
    Landline telephones
  • Welcome Kits
    Toiletry Kit
    Cleaning Kit
    Housewarming Kit
    Back-to-School Backpacks
  • Collect personal items
    New underwear and socks for men, women and children
    Health and hygiene products
    Interview-ready clothing for men and women

Contact your local CWS office or affiliate, write irp@churchworldservice.org or call CWS at 212-870-3300 to get started!