Walking to end hunger in Kenya

Kevin Kamiri | September 18, 2015

Participants in the CROP Hunger Walk Photo: Kevin Kamiri

Participants in the CROP Hunger Walk Photo: Kevin Kamiri

Last week, a team of young adults in Kenya held their own CROP Hunger Walk to coincide with the 100 Mile Hunger Walk! I organized the 20-kilometer Walk and used word of mouth, text messages, phone calls and the mobile app WhatsApp to spread the word and gather a group to Walk together. A lively group conversation emerged where members shared inspiration and social media content to provide background on the reason for walking.

On Walk day, 14 people gathered in matching t-shirts, armed with water bottles and a first aid kit in case of injuries! One member started the group off with a prayer. For four and a half hours our group walked, taking photos and tracking their progress using a step-counting app. The route took us from Nakuru Show Ground to Kabarak University. After taking a break outside the gate of Kabarak University –  20 km into the Walk – we walked a final two kilometers to share “choma” (roasted meat) for lunch. The day finished with a word of prayer.

We look forward to walking again together. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Use #WhatDrivesMy100 on social media to add your miles, which will be donated to the Zero Hunger Challenge – the goal is 795,000 by the end of September in recognition of the 795 million people worldwide who face hunger. Email incubationlab@cwsglobal.org for more information.

by Kevin Kamiri, CWS Incubation Lab volunteer