Three Surefire Ways to Have a Successful CWS Fundraiser

Mary Catherine Hinds | September 18, 2013

As of October 11th, Mary Catherine Hinds lost 19 lbs and raised $2,093 to support CWS.

As of October 11th, Mary Catherine Hinds lost 19 lbs and raised $2,093 to support CWS.

During a sabbatical this summer I set a goal to exercise every single day, lose 20 pounds and raise $1,000 to support CWS hunger programs. Three principles guaranteed my success and they can work for you, too!

Don’t go it alone, try something new and hold firmly to your mission.

I made my challenge very public. When I was exhausted, encouragement from friends and exercise buddies renewed my strength. When frustrated with how little weight I was losing, I remembered that God was on my team and I found comfort in craving a connection to Him more than to food. Once I stopped doing it alone, I succeeded, because I gained a community that made my summer joyful.

As you work to end hunger, don’t go it alone. Ask others to help you make announcements, send emails, hang posters or set-up an information table. Host a gathering for all who donate/walk/help and build a community of hunger-fighters. Enjoy a simple meal together. Sharing the work and sharing the joy guarantees that you will be successful.

Try something new.

A fitness instructor I knew went away for three weeks, so I taught her Bootcamp in exchange for donations to CWS.  I’ve never led fitness classes before, but I had a blast! (Visit to see how much I raised.)  To build awareness, I dove into social media and learned new things – how to make videos, how to tweet, use instagram, vine, tumblr, etc.  I shared about my workouts and posted creative thank you photos. I reached more people and now I have new skills to boot!

As a Hunger Champion – embrace creativity!  Find a way to learn something new or do something you love for the benefit of the hungry.  If you love to paint – have a painting party? Create an online fundraiser.  Email people about what you are doing!  Use facebook to promote your effort.  You will acquire new skills as you reach your fundraising goal!

Hold firmly to your mission.

No child should die because they don’t have enough to eat.  When I was exhausted and sore and needed a pick-me-up, I turned my thoughts and prayers to those who walk miles EVERY day for food, water, work.  While I chose to go to the gym a mother in Kenya was required to walk 11 hours to fetch water. I told myself that I could lift weights to lighten the load for that mom.  I could put my fork down so that a child could pick her fork up and eat a nutritious meal.  In mission, I found solidarity with those who struggle and was blessed by spending a summer in whole-body prayer for them. I succeeded because it wasn’t about me… it was about the mission.

As a hunger advocate, it is a gift to be able to end hunger and help others join the effort!  You are blessed to create an awareness of hunger and our capacity to do something! Be passionately vocal and you will reach your goal.

Mary Catherine Hinds, Senior Field Director