Stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees

The CWS Immigration and Refugee Program (CWS/IRP) advocacy team works in Washington, DC and through CWS communions and affiliates across the country to lift up the voices of refugees, immigrants, and the faith community in support of refugee and immigrants’ rights. We play a critical role in strategy development, policy expertise, resource creation, partner education, media outreach, and movement building.

CWS has laid foundation for the work that will be critical in the next few years, fostering collaboration between CWS affiliates and immigrants’ rights groups and building teams of refugee leaders who can tell their powerful stories effectively, increase civic engagement among newcomers, and work together to win local policy changes that will shape the national narrative.

As we prepare for a new administration, CWS will work to prevent national, state and local policy changes that would negatively impact the refugee resettlement program and immigrants’ rights more broadly. We will also resist any attempts to separate families and increase enforcement actions, including through the coordinating role we serve as part of the Sanctuary Movement.

Your donation will allow CWS to scale up our work to mobilize faith communities to stand in solidarity with immigrants and to equip refugee leaders to make their voices heard and build relationships with policy makers. For more information, contact Jen Smyers ( and Meredith Owen (