Award-winning singer-songwriter Sara Ontaneda to perform at CWS Benefit for Change.

October 25, 2019

Photo courtesy Sara Ontaneda

This year’s Benefit for Change will feature a musical performance by Ecuadorian-American singer-songwriter Sara Ontaneda. Sara has performed in festivals and venues internationally, and has won awards both in the U.S. and Ecuador. Her music is described as Alternative Pop, blending Folk, R&B, and Latin American sounds.

As well as being a talented musician, Sara cares deeply about social justice. Her most recent musical release,‘Hey Maria’, was inspired by a trip to visit her family in Ecuador where she became aware of how widespread violence against women was, and the injustices these women face. Sara also cares deeply about immigrant rights, and believes that mutual respect and understanding are essential for building a better world.

‘It’s important to understand that people that migrate to a new country, or that are applying for refugee or asylum status, are people that are fleeing from a situation in their country that oppresses them’, Sara said when explaining why the event matters to her. ‘That’s something that I can identify with even though I was born in the States.’

We’re excited to welcome Sara to the Benefit as an artist as well as a member of our humanitarian community – and we can’t wait to see you at the Benefit in two weeks! Get your tickets today.