Responding to Growing Need Amid the Global Refugee Crisis, CWS Announces It Will Open New Refugee Resettlement Office in Poughkeepsie, New York

October 11, 2016

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NEW YORK—Continuing its work to address the demands of the largest displacement crisis in recorded history, Church World Service (CWS)—a global humanitarian organization and one of nine U.S. resettlement agencies—today announced that it will open a new refugee resettlement office in Poughkeepsie, New York. Already, CWS resettles refugees in three New York State locations: Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. 

“We are eager to engage with a new community to support those most in need, and we very much look forward to working with all of you to welcome refugees in Dutchess County,” said Sarah Krause, Senior Director for Programs at CWS’ Immigration and Refugee Program

CWS Poughkeepsie will offer newly arrived refugees comprehensive case management and employment services aimed at building a foundation for long-term self-sufficiency and success in the United States. Services will entail basic needs support, case management, cultural orientation, health access assistance, and job preparation and placement help. For more information about these services, visit

Staff from CWS’ New York headquarters will visit Poughkeepsie to meet with partner organizations and community members in the coming weeks, holding a public information session on November 10 at a location to be determined. To receive information about upcoming events and stay updated on our refugee resettlement work in Poughkeepsie, sign up here.

About CWS’ Immigration and Refugee Resettlement Work 

Nationwide, CWS’ 34 offices partner with local community organizations, volunteers, and congregations to help refugees resettle and become productive members of their new communities in the U.S. CWS directly administers nine local offices—now including Poughkeepsie—and contracts with an additional 25 affiliate offices.

Over the past 70 years, CWS has helped more than 850,000 refugees, Cuban and Haitian entrants, and other immigrants rebuild their lives in the United States. Whether by serving the most vulnerable where they are or by fostering welcoming communities and networks of vitality, CWS has been helping refugees resettle and rebuild ever since it has opened its doors in 1946. 

Learn more about CWS’ extensive work with refugees and immigrants on our website here.

“Those of us at Vassar College involved with and supporting the Mid Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance are thrilled at the news that Church World Service will open a refugee resettlement office in Poughkeepsie. We look forward to working with CWS and our partner religious congregations, higher education institutions, the Dutchess County Interfaith Council, as well as local social service agencies to provide a welcoming environment for refugees in our community,” said Jon Chenette, acting president of Vassar College and representative of Mid Hudson Refugee Solidarity Alliance. 

“We are so pleased that Church World Service will continue to represent the Church as the hands and feet of Christ in the Poughkeepsie area. Welcoming the immigrant is key to what we do as the body of Christ,” said Rev. Paul A. Fleck, Chair, New York Annual Conference Board of Church & Society of The United Methodist Church.

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