When a rainy Walk day is a happy Walk day

October 28, 2016

Walkers in the Contra Costa CROP Hunger Walk. Photo: John Green.

Walkers in the Contra Costa CROP Hunger Walk. Photo: John Green.

On a windy and stormy day in October, good people of every gender, age and race once again called attention to the plight of others on our earth. These were our CROP Hunger Walkers, who took their faith and love outside the sanctuary. As rain bounced off the sanctuary roof, contributing a quiet background rhythm to the pastor’s message, walkers donned their rain gear.

At the end of the service, one could almost feel the words, “Rain? No big deal, I’ve made a commitment to the CROP Hunger Walk!”

We were not alone. We walked alongside six other churches from our county, made stronger together. Colorful umbrellas and raincoats complemented the plush green grass, causing the scene to be reminiscent of impressionist art. Following introductions, individuals walked with friends and made new friends for the 2- or 3-mile walk through downtown.

Our walkers were dazzling as they carried large poster signs, signs with meaningful words to live by, and other colorful and creative signs. Adding a second tier of meaning: kids from our youth group spent one of their nights creating signs these just for us!

Rain splashed off of our umbrellas and raincoat hoods throughout the walk. And shoes? Forget about it. They were soaked in the gutter run-off at the first street crossing! One of our walkers stepped in water up to her ankle, and then she stepped back, and plunged in again! Why? She replied, “Heck, I may as well even it up!”

It was a happy group. Happy to be together, to be doing something for others, showing the community we cared and maybe causing on-lookers to think to themselves, “Maybe I ought do more.” The rain somehow added happiness, even when a small stream of water flowing off a canopy fell on someone’s head and rolled down their back under a shirt! Brrrr!
One walker expressed the thoughts of many, when he remarked, “This rain and weather will make this day a lasting memory!”

Through the storm, God was expressed in the time and treasure of our walkers and donors. These are the persons who unwaveringly dance through rain so that the thirsty among us are quenched.

John Green is a CROP Hunger Walk recruiter for San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church, part of the Contra Costa, CA CROP Hunger Walk.