District Attorney Daniel Cameron Failed to Provide Justice for Breonna Taylor, CWS Demands Accountability

September 25, 2020

Justice must be equal for all Americans or it means nothing to any American.

New York, NY—In response to today’s news that none of the officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor in her own home while she was sleeping were charged with her death, Rev. John L. McCullough, President and CEO of Church World Service issued the following statement: 

“We must do more than say the names of those murdered by those who are called to serve and protect. District Attorney Daniel Cameron’s inability to provide justice for Breonna Taylor and her family is one more example of why voting is so important.

Whether justice is provided in the cases of  officer-involved shootings is determined by that community’s top law enforcement agent. District Attorneys (DAs) are the most powerful local government officials in most communities, and must be held accountable for their decisions. Far too often they have run unopposed in most districts. As such they have the ability to bring about the grand jury outcomes they wish to have – in this case “wanton endangerment” rather than murder. 

Justice must be equal for all Americans or it means nothing to any American. Police-related shootings are now a national pandemic that must be at the top of the list of every voter if justice is to be served for Breonna Taylor and criminal reform is to take place. Church World Service will continue to push for the passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to hold DAs accountable. We also call for voter mobilization to bring about a more just and equitable America.”

Church World Service’s platform on racial justice is available here

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