CWS Disturbed by Treatment of Haitians Seeking Refuge, Urges Administration to Prioritize Humanitarian Protection

September 22, 2021

Washington D.C. – As the Biden administration ramps up expulsion and deportation flights to Haiti, Church World Service today urged the administration to stop deportations and Title 42 expulsions of Haitians, end the immoral and unlawful Title 42 policy and fully restore asylum protections to welcome everyone seeking a safe place to live. Following disturbing photos showing inhumane treatment of Haitians seeking refuge by Border Patrol officers at the U.S. southern border, CWS also called for immediate accountability of an agency rife with abuse.

“The Biden administration’s treatment of our Haitian neighbors lacks a moral compass. We are horrified by the administration’s cruel and inhumane response to those seeking refuge in the United States,” said Meredith Owen, Director of Policy and Advocacy for Church World Service. “Faith communities are shocked by the resumption of deportations and expulsions of Haitian immigrants and asylum seekers, without regard for the life-threatening consequences of these actions. We urge the administration to immediately halt removals to Haiti, end Title 42 expulsions, restore asylum protections, and hold CBP accountable for its abuses against Haitian migrants.”

Church World Service has repeatedly called for the end of the immoral Title 42 policy, most recently joining 70 organizations in a letter urging the administration to immediately change course after their notice to appeal in the Huisha-Huisha litigation, resisting an order to process the protection claims of families with children who seek asylum.

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