Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Haitian families often face huge systemic challenges, including food crises or political instability. And several disasters have brought devastation and death to their doorsteps in recent years.

We know that these external factors do not define the Haitian people. On the contrary, we have seen their resilience and generosity time and time again. When we support them with resources and information, life changing work can happen.

In the years since the Haiti Earthquake, we have rebuilt hundreds of destroyed homes. And when Hurricane Matthew struck in 2016, we expanded our work to include public schools. All the while, we were helping families become more food secure and find new ways to earn a living.

In the neighboring Dominican Republic, we are also focused on improving food security. People participating in our programs are raising pigs or fish, improving their harvests and expanding the ways they put food on the table.

We can't change what our neighbors have been through. But we can help them be more resilient in the face of whatever comes next.