Food Security

Photo: Aaron Tate

Help us change the world. One vegetable garden at a time

CWS works with communities to overcome the root causes of hunger. Access to land to grow food is essential for both indigenous communities long denied right to their ancestral lands as well as to the women smallholder farmers who grow the vast majority of food consumed around the globe. Ensuring proper nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life is key to their healthy growth and realizing their full potential later in life. We work with communities to find ways to feed themselves sustainably and nutritiously.

Our Impact


“The biggest problem is hunger, and all aspects of the struggle to eradicate hunger are critical to what we do.” Working together with cutting-edge partners, CWS is addressing the food insecurity, drought and poverty that has plagued the Karamoja region of northeast Uganda for years. “We feel empowered now,” says one village elder.

Photo: Chris Herlinger/CWS

Latin America and Caribbean

Model farms are helping indigenous farmers in Nicaragua prepare for and mitigate the effects of natural disaster and climate change. Being prepared, after all, is half the battle. CWS also works with vulnerable families across the region on innovative agricultural techniques and sustainable access to water.

Photo: Don Tatlock/CWS


In West Timor, Indonesia, many infants and young children are at risk for malnutrition due to prolonged drought. CWS has taken a comprehensive approach, including a therapeutic feeding center, trainings in healthy meal preparation and support for improved farming techniques. And lives are being saved.

Photo: Lisa Hayes/CWS