Supporting Roma Families

The Roma are one of the most marginalized groups of people in Serbia and across Europe. Roma children are often born into a cycle of poverty and inequality that can follow them for their whole lives. It’s hard for their families to access services like medical care and education. Legal and systemic obstacles – and the weight of prejudice and stereotype – stand in their way.

Alongside partners in Belgrade, we’re working to give Roma children more opportunities. Children visiting a drop-in shelter can eat a meal, take a shower, change their clothes and have a safe place to relax, play and study. Staff also help parents enroll their children in school and access medical care and other services.

Meanwhile, we're helping Roma women finish school and join the workforce. When a woman learns to read, she accesses a whole new world of possibilities. And when she can start a business, it means valuable income for her family.

With your support, Roma families are breaking the cycle of poverty for good.