Renewable Energy Technologies

We’re fighting a specific kind of poverty in Moldova, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina: energy poverty. Electricity and fuel are either unavailable or very expensive, especially in rural areas. Children often learn in classrooms that don’t have enough heat and study by candlelight at night. The limited fuels that are available pollute the environment and damage the health of the people who use them.

Working with local organizations, we're helping families install and use renewable technologies instead. That means solar panels for electricity. Solar water heaters so that houses and schools have hot water. Solar dryers for fruits and vegetables so tha families or cooperatives can preserve and sell produce. Greenhouses to expand vegetable production. Composting toilets that turn waste into compost. Briquette presses so that families can turn yard waste into a fuel source to use and sell.

Through this program, families have electricity. Schools have hot water. Cooperatives have income streams. More people have jobs. And our world is cleaner.