No Child Should Go Hungry

Mary Catherine Hinds | July 27, 2013

Mary Catherine Hinds with some students in Mendefera, Eritrea circa 1997. Photo: provided

Mary Catherine Hinds with some students in Mendefera, Eritrea circa 1997. Photo: provided

Ending hunger is my passion. I have seen real hunger. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa in the 90’s I looked into the sunken eyes of starving children and even today, many years later, I still feel tight in the chest when I think of my beloved students – Tsegeweini, Samuel, Ghenet, Tesfalem, Gebre. Knowing them and the struggles of my brothers and sisters in the developing world, I am enlivened and encouraged by my connection with 67-year old global hunger-fighting agency, CWS. CWS is the premiere aid agency doing effective work to end hunger locally and globally. I am honored to support this ministry.

As someone who feels deeply about ending hunger, I am ashamed that I am overweight. Unlike my brothers and sisters in places like Eritrea, Bolivia, Indonesia, etc, I don’t have to walk for water, food, to find work or firewood. I have time and energy to exercise. I can put my fork down from time to time and – with the money I save – others can pick their forks up and eat.

This summer I am taking on a huge challenge: Since June 1st, I have exercised an average of once a day and have been eating more healthy and simply. My hope is that my effort will keep “ENDING HUNGER” on the minds of my friends and the friends of my friends. Maybe I will inspire others to also celebrate their ability to eat well and exercise and also to donate cash to CWS to help end hunger.

I have set up a campaign to share my progress, to offer a space for people to show their support and to create a secure way for anyone, anywhere to donate towards my effort to end hunger and become a better person.  Check it out and spread the word:

Mary Catherine Hinds, Managing Field Director, CWS Southeast