New year, new you

Dominick Cordi | January 8, 2016

Photo courtesy Dominick Cordi.

Photo courtesy Dominick Cordi.

It’s the beginning of a fresh new year, a time to make New Year’s resolutions. A time to better yourself by parting with negative habits that hold you back from your goals, while creating new healthier, positive habits to assist in making yourself into a “better you”. Our New Year’s resolutions determine the direction that our futures are headed, so I hope we can all make positive decisions.

Today I want to share some of my resolutions for 2016:  I’ll be training more people to better themselves and achieve their goals this year than ever before. Another goal I have set for myself is to attain my International Federation of Bodybuilders and Fitness Pro Status, as well. Along with the Ocean County CROP Hunger Walk Team, we’ll be reaching out to even more people about the awareness of hunger and its correlation with health and fitness this coming year.

The pains of hunger are something that no one should go through, not even for a short while. I find more and more reasons why it’s beneficial to keep a consistent and healthy diet throughout the day, every day. Although occasional fasts are fine to cleanse the body, I know there are people around the world and even in our country that go days or even weeks without a whole meal or any food at all. I believe that if everyone is fed, the world will have a better chance at ending poverty. The CROP Hunger Walk is spreading this awareness all around the world, and recently in my own community due to the devastation of  hurricane Sandy on the Jersey Shore, which was one reason why I really got motivated for this movement.

Dominick helps walkers warm up at the Ocean County "Pat Donohue" CROP Hunger Walk at Point Pleasant Beach. Photo courtesy Timothy Prol.

Dominick helps walkers warm up at the Ocean County “Pat Donohue” CROP Hunger Walk at Point Pleasant Beach. Photo courtesy Timothy Prol.

Having more contributors walking increases the rate of awareness. There is a saying by Mark Shields I believe in: “There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better.” It takes a whole community to end hunger, including local business. In that spirit, I supported the Ocean County CROP Hunger Walk last year and I want to invite you to get healthy and be a part of your local Walk in 2016.

As a Professional Natural Bodybuilder through the Drug Free Athletes Coalition and a Personal Trainer, I know how difficult it is to grow or even lose body fat if I can’t get my meals in. If I can’t grow, how can these children who are starving grow and stay healthy if they are hungry? I know if I’m hungry, I can’t work to the best of my ability, so how can these adults who are without food supposed to work, build economy and crawl out of poverty if they are starving? Start walking now; there is no time to waste!

Hunger is the number one health issue and it can be prevented. There are hundreds, thousands, a million mouths to feed. Hunger is a challenge and we need a strong minded CROP Hunger Walk Team to act as an unstoppable force against our greatest enemy which determines life or death and so much more. Let’s END HUNGER, One Step at a Time! Join the team and let’s end this.

Dominick Cordi is a Personal Trainer and DFAC Natural Bodybuilder. He is a proud business sponsor of the Ocean County “Pat Donohue” CROP Hunger Walk.