Maurice A. Bloem

September 4, 2015

Maurice A. Bloem Executive Vice President Based in New York, N.Y.

Maurice A. Bloem
Executive Vice President
Based in New York, N.Y.

As CWS’s executive vice president, Bloem assists and advises the president in the daily management of the organization, while specializing in managing research, monitoring and evaluation and incubation. He is also the agency’s main representative to the United Nations. Bloem is the former country director and regional director of CWS in Indonesia/Timor-Leste. In that position he led CWS’s multi-million dollar response to the tsunami and the earthquakes that devastated the region in 2004 and 2005 and directed the development and implementation of innovative HIV/AIDS programs and programs for youth. Prior to joining CWS in 1999, Bloem was project coordinator for an HIV/AIDS prevention project run by CARE Bangladesh. Before that he was an advisor to the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh. A native of the Netherlands, Bloem earned a Master of Science degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Leyden in the Netherlands.

In 2011, Bloem started the 100-mile Walk, to raise awareness of issues around hunger and poverty. As part of the annual effort, Bloem Walks 100 miles in a single week, visiting programs supported and funded by CWS. Learn more here.

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