Litany of “Saints”

Mary Catherine Hinds | August 21, 2014

Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk

Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk

Recently, I was re-introduced to Monie. After the CROP Hunger Walk team captain rally in High Point, North Carolina, Monie approached me and introduced herself. She said, “I think we’ve met before…”  Monie moved from nearby Greensboro, where she was a valuable team captain for her church and on the Greensboro Urban Ministry CROP Planning Team for several years. As Monie and I continued to talk about her work as a hunger fighter, we realized that we had also had a conversation at a CROP Hunger Walk rally during a brief hiatus when she lived near Pinehurst. This woman is committed to ending hunger. She perseveres, no matter where she lives.

I often joke with people that being a part of the CROP Hunger Walk is like being in the mafia: you can move but they will find you.  Once you are in, you are always in. You are not forced to stay, but once you see the difference, feel the joy of bringing others into the ministry of ending hunger and poverty and experience the community of fellow partners in this mission, you are hooked.  CROP Hunger Walk leaders are compassionate and committed and I can think of many, like Monie, for whom the next step after relocation is to reach out and find their local CROP Hunger Walk.

I am grateful for all those who are dedicated to serving their hungry brothers and sisters and who work tirelessly for them no matter where they land.

Thank you Mike, Steve, Anne, Phil, Jim, Narcie, Frances, John, Sandy, Wayne, Linda, Meghan, Laura, Nancy, Barbara and Meg. These are all real names of real people who haven’t let a move stop them from taking strides to end hunger.

Mary Catherine Hinds is the Senior Field Director in CWS’s Southeast Area.