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Leader: Creator of all, we gather today thankful that you have welcomed us.
All: We give thanks that through our hardest times, God has heard our cry.
Leader: Just as God has accompanied us on our journey, we are called to walk alongside those who have been mistreated, persecuted and outcast.
All: Together as a faith community, we are called to be a space of love and safe refuge for all people.
Leader: Let us work together with refugees and immigrants from many different lands to welcome them in, and let us pray that the crisis in Syria might soon end, so displaced people can someday return to their homeland.
All: As we wait for You to answer these prayers, we re-commit ourselves to be a welcoming congregation lifting up immigrants and refugees in our midst and preparing ourselves to advocate with them by our side. Amen


For the people of Syria For the United Nations, our own nation, and the fellowship of nations
For refugees, and those in harm’s way
For peacemakers, relief workers, and policy makers
For the voices of peoples of faith, that we may have courage, grace, integrity and the strength to listen and to speak.


Oh God, our creator and liberator, we pray for all those who face the trials and tribulations of exclusion. We lift up all those who have been made outcast in our world; for those impoverished by inequality, for those who find themselves in the cold from homelessness, for those who are treated differently because of their skin color or religious background. Today we say a special prayer for all the refugees in the world who have faced violence and persecution. Now many of them face discrimination upon arriving to the safety of this land. Strengthen our faith to be accepting to all and fortify our witness to advocate for just and humane policies that expand the path of welcome for refugees to join our communities. In the same way, we pray for all those who face sickness and disease, in our congregation and throughout our community, may Your blessing comfort them and may Your healing power touch them. In the Spirit of love and compassion we pray. Amen.

For prayers specific to the Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Pagan, Christian, and Buddhist faith traditions see here.

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