COVID-19 Response

Photo: The Bowery Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on our world unlike anything we've seen in generations. More than 100 million people have had COVID-19, and millions have died. Countless people have lost their jobs and means of earning a living. More and more of our neighbors are now facing hunger and extreme poverty. Fear and anxiety are often the new normal.

Nearly every CWS program has adapted in response to the pandemic. For example, in the past year we've:

  • Shared information about the virus with many groups who are often overlooked, such as refugees or indigenous communities
  • Distributed food and hygiene supplies to thousands of households
  • Supported hundreds of anti-hunger agencies across the United States
  • Helped families pay their rent and utility bills to avoid homelessness

We have also found safe ways to continue to help families overcome hunger and poverty. Through these programs, people are building the resilience to face the pandemic's toll. They are finding new ways to earn a living. They are accessing health care. They are continuing their education.