Women & Climate Change

Women and girls face inequality every day, especially in poor communities worldwide. Climate change -- and now the coronavirus pandemic -- are making the inequality worse. Gains that we have made in recent years are being eroded.

The impacts of climate change often leave families struggling to earn enough money. Poor harvests or disasters can deplete whatever savings they had. And when a family is struggling, parents have to make tough choices. Many pull their daughters out of school to work or marry young.

Amidst these growing challenges, women and girls are stepping up to make change happen. Around the world, women are starting and expanding businesses through CWS programs. They are building livelihoods, savings and ultimately resilience. Girls are enrolling in school and studying for brighter futures. So are older women who did not finish school and are learning how to read later in life.

We must address the climate crisis. And women and girls are crucial in making it happen.