Indonesia Earthquake – August 2018

August 6, 2018

CWS Liaising with Partners and Standing By to Respond

When a second earthquake within a week struck Lombok, Indonesia yesterday, 5th August 2018, CWS staff were immediately in touch with ACT Alliance colleagues from YAKKUM Emergency Unit and Pelkesi, both ACT Alliance members, which are already responding to the less damaging July 29th quake and are ready to respond to this latest disaster.

According to the national disaster management agency (BNPB), there is a coordinated response under way now. Key first responders are local disaster management office staff, the national army and local police, national search and rescue agency teams, among others including national non-government agencies and volunteers. The priority focus is on search and rescue and medical treatment for the injured. Also, material support (blankets, water, etc.) is being sought from the Indonesia public.

At this time, according to a UN OCHA situation report , the Government is not asking for international assistance, but the CWS Indonesia team in standing by in case there is additional need in the coming days.