In Collaboration With World Deeds, CWS Executive Vice President’s 100 Mile Hunger Walk Campaign Debuts Four T-Shirt Designs Benefiting Its Hunger Relief Efforts

October 14, 2016

$8 from every t-shirt purchased to be directed toward the 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign to fight hunger

Check out the new merchandise and buy your t-shirt today:

NEW YORK—Church World Service (CWS)—a global humanitarian organization and one of nine U.S. resettlement agencies—today announced that together with the socially and ethically conscious clothing brand World Deeds, its Executive Vice President Maurice A. Bloem’s fifth annual 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign has debuted four t-shirt designs benefitting its hunger relief efforts.

Eight dollars from every sold t-shirt—now available for purchase in multiple colors and sizes—will go toward the 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign, an annual initiative that raises awareness and funds to fight hunger around the world. Worldwide, more than 795 million people lack enough food to lead healthy and productive lives. The t-shirts, all on sale for under $25, feature the slogans: “Walk as 1,” “Greater as 1,” “Stand Together as 1,” and “Go The Extra Mile.”

“We’re grateful to World Deeds for partnering with us on our global initiative to fight hunger around the world. Whether we ‘Walk as 1’ or ‘Stand Together as 1,’ it’s clear that we’re ‘Greater as 1’ in tackling this enormous challenge,” said CWS Executive Vice President Maurice A. Bloem. “We encourage everyone to browse these t-shirts and consider buying one to benefit CWS’ hunger relief efforts, and we continue to urge everybody to join our 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign by directly donating money or logging the miles you already walk, run, cycle or swim at Everybody can ‘Go The Extra Mile’ to help those in need.”

“Maurice and CWS work to give more to the world than it has given them. That’s why this partnership works,” said Founder of World Deeds Eric J. Whitaker.

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CWS—a global humanitarian nonprofit and one of nine U.S. resettlement agencies—works with its partners around the world to eradicate hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice. Operating in more than 30 countries, CWS offers refugee and immigrant assistance, disaster relief, and sustainable self-help. Each year, our volunteers organize approximately 1,100 CROP Hunger Walks and assemble supply kits for global distribution. For more information about our work, visit

World Deeds

World Deeds is a socially and ethically conscious clothing brand, driven by humanity and the passion to make a difference in the world. We create apparel that represents an ethical idea or raises awareness about a cause, and release collections that target a specific social issue such as world hunger. Additionally, $8 of each item sold goes to charities that help fight these global problems, ensuring that all our customers have the opportunity to contribute towards our vision.

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