Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Read our Emergency Appeal HERE.
If you or anyone you know has been affected by Hurricane Harvey, please find additional information here.

Since it made landfall on the evening of Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey has brought torrential rains and heavy flooding to much of Texas and Louisiana. CWS is working with local partners as they monitor the damage from the storm.

We anticipate that tens of thousands of CWS Hygiene Kits, School Kits and Emergency Cleanup Buckets will be shipped to affected areas. The most immediate need is for hygiene supplies. As people begin to re-enter their homes, the need for cleaning supplies and buckets will be significant. We anticipate that students will need school supplies as part of medium- and long-range recovery.

We have an URGENT need for buckets, as our supplies are low. We will also be shipping most or all of the roughly 140,000 hygiene kits that we have in stock. We have a network of more than 60 locations in 16 states that are serving as collection sites for kits. If you’re interested in assembling CWS kits, get started at!

Please contact with questions.