From a Supporter, a Word of Help and Thanks

Chris Herlinger | May 23, 2013

It is nice to be thanked in public. But it is equally nice to be mentioned in a way that elicits helpful understanding.

This is what happened when the Rev. Emily C. Heath, the pastor of the West Dover (Vermont) Congregational Church, penned a terrific piece for The Huffington Post ( on tips for clergy dealing with disasters like the one that befell Oklahoma this week.

First, she mentioned CWS in a complimentary way, recalling that during Hurricane Irene in 2010, CWS – a group she said “puts donations to good use” – provided her Vermont community “lots of cleaning buckets that contained all the things we actually needed.”

“They also sent hygiene kits for the shelter and school kits for local kids. They are very experienced at disaster relief, and are supported by an ecumenical coalition of churches.”

Rev. Health also performed a very useful service and provided some concrete tips for what faith communities should do in responding to disasters. She repeated what we say in the midst of disasters, including the one overarching mantra: Monetary donations are best.

Read her fine piece here:

Many thanks, Rev. Heath!

Chris Herlinger, a writer with CWS.