CWS Statement on Reports of the Trump Administration Unveiling Refugee Admission Target Under 50,000

September 13, 2017

“CWS is appalled by reports that the Trump administration may unveil a refugee admissions target of even less than 50,000—already an unprecedented low—for the next fiscal year,” said Executive Director for the CWS Immigration and Refugee Program Erol Kekic. “This is insufficient and unconscionable—especially as the global migrant crisis continues to escalate, with more than 66 million people now fleeing war, violence and persecution. Communities across our country stand for welcome—our partner organizations and offices nationwide see this every day. We urge our elected leaders to do everything in the power we’ve vested in them to reflect this fundamental humanity in Congress. We call upon everyday Americans, faith leaders, and our senators and representatives to demand that the White House open our nation’s doors to at least 75,000 refugees next year. Nothing less will do. Make one call today for a more welcoming America tomorrow—please join us at to let your leaders know America is still a beacon of hope and hospitality to our immigrant brothers and sisters from around the world. It’s simply the right thing to do—putting our heads in the sand to global problems has never been the American way. We are #GreaterAs1 and will continue to choose welcome, regardless of our President’s anti-immigrant agenda.”