CWS situation report: Pakistan displacement

April 8, 2013


The recent increase in fighting in the Bagh Maidan area of Tirah Valley in northern Pakistan, close to the border with Afghanistan,has resulted in large numbers of displaced communities. The displacement began late last month.

The Pakistan governments disaster management authority, known by the acronym FDMA, reports that as of March 28, 5,400 families had been displaced, but the numbers are expected to climb.  The majority of those displaced are either women or children; it is assumed male family members are staying behind to protect houses while the displaced are leaving for safer locales.

Some 200 families are settled in camps while the rest of the displaced families are living with friends, relatives or in rented homes.

CWS response:

Authorities and humanitarian groups including CWS are beginning a response. Overall, camps are forming; registration was to begin at the site of the Jalozai camp on March 21, but had to be halted after the deaths of 17 persons following a bomb attack.

CWS is currently assessing needs; the displaced are completely dependent on humanitarian assistance. Currently, government authorities are providing the displaced with cooked food, tents, other non-food items and health care to children.

How to Help

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