CWS Initial Appeal: Cambodia Flooding

August 14, 2014




Cambodia is currently experiencing severe flooding in 12 provinces. More than 43,443 people have already been affected by the floods– of these, 8,881 people have been evacuated from their communities. At least 19 have died.

The flooding has also damaged schools, rural health centers, roads and bridges. At least 121,000 acres of rice fields and 15,000 acres of other crops have been damaged or destroyed by the floods. Nearly 30,000 livestock have also been evacuated.

The floods are expeted to have a major impact on access to food and people’s livelihoods later this year.


CWS is conducting rapid assessments in our target area of Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear.  Our response will focus on 4,649-flood affected people — some 920 families.

We are planning a response of emergency assistance that includes each family receiving food and some non-food items for a month.

Food items include: 50 kg. of rice; 15 cans of fish/2 kg of salted dry fish; 2 liters of cooking oil; 1 kg. of salt. Non-food items include water purification tablets for at least two weeks; water buckets/containers for selected beneficiaries (mainly for evacuated families); water filters in selected areas; soap; mosquito nets in selected high-risk areas; plastic sheets in selected areas.


$49,633 for food assistance; $41,458 in non-food assistance; transportation costs, $640. Total: $91,731.


Contributions may be made online or sent to: Church World Service, Attn.: Cambodia Flooding., Appeal #700-P, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515.

CWS is a member of the ACT Alliance, a global coalition of churches and agencies engaged in development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy.