CWS Decries Trump Administration’s Continued Anti-Refugee Agenda After Scotus’ Dismissal of Travel Ban Case Yesterday

October 11, 2017


After the Supreme Court yesterday dismissed the travel ban case, Erol Kekic, Executive Director of the CWS Immigration and Refugee Program, issued the following statement:

“The suggestion that this case is now moot is simply preposterous—and certainly not how any of the 66 million people displaced from their homes would characterize it. The refugee ban is currently in place until October 24th, meaning that only refugees with certain family relationships can find safety in the United States. And it is unclear if those restrictions may continue into the future.

“In reality, President Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim agenda continues to further jeopardize the lives of refugees desperately seeking safety from war, violence and persecution. The refugee and Muslim ban is still effectively in place—and the anti-immigrant direction this White House has taken is crystal clear.

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