CWS Condemns Indefensible Easter Bombing in Lahore, Pakistan

March 28, 2016

CWS President and CEO the Rev. John L. McCullough condemned the Easter bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. “I cannot think of a more evil act than what unfolded yesterday. The Pakistani people have been put through far too much, more than what anyone should ever have to endure,” McCullough said. “Endurance and resilience speaks to the greatness of a people.”

“It is so sad that the highest day for our faith has been so viciously denigrated,” McCullough continued. “The very setting in which families gathered for festive times of food and recreation, Muslim and Christian alike, is one we would see in virtually every part of the earth. That anyone or any group would target such a community is beyond the imagination. It was an evil act of cowardice, and I pray that this will turn the entire nation of Pakistan against those who would perpetrate such acts. This has angered my spirit, and fueled my outrage at the inhumanity that has seeped into our human experience as both a national and now global pandemic.”

CWS is an international humanitarian organization committed to eradicating hunger and poverty and promoting peace and justice.

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