CWS Condemns Attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad; Prays for Peace

November 16, 2015

Washington – Church World Service President and CEO, the Rev. John L. McCullough condemned the recent series of attacks in France, Lebanon and Iraq that have left hundreds dead and injured.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad,” McCullough said. “These horrendous attacks impact us all. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the people of these three nations. We mourn with them, and pray for peace and healing.”

The attacks have been claimed by ISIS, a terrorist group known for its cruel acts of indiscriminate violence. While investigation is still underway, it appears that three of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks were from Brussels and one had a Syrian passport on his person, which may or may not be his own.

“These attacks are reprehensible acts of cowardice and all individuals involved must be immediately brought to justice,” McCullough said. “It is critical to understand that these senseless acts do not represent the values of any faith, nationality or culture.

“I have heard some conflate these senseless acts of violence with Syrian refugees. This is wrong in no uncertain terms. Make no mistake: Syrian refugees are fleeing violence perpetrated by ISIS — violence that has destroyed their country. To blame vulnerable people for the acts of their perpetrators is unjust and inhumane. We must react not with hate toward one another, but instead with unity and resolve to see that these horrendous crimes are not repeated.

“The 37 member communions of Church World Service stand alongside our interfaith partners as we condemn the continued violence perpetrated by ISIS. Hatred and violence have no religion, nationality or belonging in any community. We stand united with those who practice Islam, Judaism, Christianity and all faiths to call for peace and healing.”

CWS is an international humanitarian organization committed to eradicating hunger and poverty and promoting peace and justice.

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