CWS Condemns Attacks in Brussels and Stands with People of All Faiths Against Extremism

March 22, 2016

Washington – Church World Service President and CEO, the Rev. John L. McCullough condemned the terrorist attacks on the Brussels airport and metro system on Tuesday.  “We express our profound sympathy for the families of the victims and offer our condolences and prayers,” McCullough said. “We stand together with people of all faiths united against extremism, and will continue to pray for safety and peace for the people of Belgium.”

“These attacks, like similar violence in Turkey last week, are repugnant acts of cowardice,” McCullough said.  “Church World Service stands with our interfaith community partners as we condemn the horrendous violence perpetrated by ISIS.  Hatred has no religion, nationality or belonging in any community.”

“Already we have heard some conflate these senseless acts of violence with refugees and the Muslim community.  It is blatantly wrong to show prejudice based on how people pray in order to score political advantage.  We must react not with hate toward one another, but instead respond with unity and resolve to see that these horrendous crimes are not repeated.”

CWS is an international humanitarian organization committed to eradicating hunger and poverty, and promoting peace and justice.

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