CWS Celebrates 9th Circuit Court’s Life Saving Decision

September 7, 2017



Church World Service celebrates the 9th Circuit Court’s decision recognizing the bona fide relationships that refugees have with resettlement agencies, and thus allowing refugees with formal assurances to resettle in the U.S. This ruling will no doubt save lives of those fleeing persecution and hardship in their home countries.

“We welcome the court’s decision and stand ready and able to resettle more refugees as a result. Even though this decision comes at the tail end of the fiscal year and after tens of thousands of refugees have already been denied, even one additional life is worth saving.” said Erol Kekic, Executive Director of CWS’s Immigration and Refugee program. “CWS calls on the administration to immediately implement this decision and resettle as many refugees as possible and will continue to push for the termination of this senseless executive order.”

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