CWS Calls North Carolina H.B. 2 Contradictory to Faith Value of Protecting the Most Vulnerable

April 8, 2016

New York – Church World Service, an international humanitarian organization focused on serving vulnerable populations, condemned North Carolina’s H.B. 2, the so-called “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,” citing concerns of discrimination and rights violations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex individuals. The legislation recently signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory serves to increase the discrimination that LGBTI individuals face, and runs counter to the values the organization holds as key tenants of its faith.

“As a humanitarian agency serving refugees, immigrants, and vulnerable persons, we stand firmly in opposition to any legislation that undermines the shared principles of equality,” said the Rev. John L. McCullough, President and CEO of Church World Service. “We work with LGBTI individuals around the world and in North Carolina, and hold that each person should be safe and free from discrimination, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. North Carolina’s H.B. 2 flies in the face of these values and we urge Governor McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly to repeal the bill and denounce any other discriminatory legislation.”

“We are proud to serve as an agency that works to resettle refugees in the United States, and  stand firm in our commitment to being part of welcoming communities,” McCullough continued.“Many of these welcoming communities are located in North Carolina, and continue to be places where refugees find new opportunities to start afresh, free of persecution. We continue to walk alongside, in solidarity and support with our LGBTI colleagues, friends, and refugee clients – and resolutely affirm their right to live without fear of discrimination.”

“Many refugees being resettled have fled their country of origin precisely because of persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  H.B. 2 infringes on the intent and integrity of the refugee resettlement program, and also places individuals at risk of experiencing the very conditions from which they escaped,” said McCullough.

Since 1946, international humanitarian organization Church World Service has assisted displaced individuals internationally and resettled refugees in the United States, in addition to providing relief and development solutions to communities that wrestle with hunger and poverty.

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