CWS applauds the United States Government for its investment of US$500 million to the Green Climate Fund

March 8, 2016

This is a critical contribution which will send encouraging signals to developed and developing countries alike that Climate Change is a global priority that requires swift, urgent action, and unfailing commitment to the world’s poorest, most climate vulnerable communities. As a faith based organization working in more than 30 countries worldwide, CWS has witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of climate change on vulnerable communities, on women and children, and on communities in conflict. CWS is deeply concerned that access to water is increasingly difficult. We are very worried that food security everywhere is being eroded by dramatic change in climatic patterns. The most climate vulnerable communities did not create this problem. They need the solidarity, technical assistance and funding to find solutions. The Green Climate Fund can do this. Funds invested today in preparedness and adaptation can save millions later in disaster relief. US support to the GCF is as strategic as it is morally sound. In the year ahead, US leadership will continue to be critical. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long term, positive and much needed US assistance.