Church World Service condemns signing of North Carolina’s anti-immigrant H.B. 318

October 28, 2015

WASHINGTON – Despite weeks of protest from religious and community leaders across the state and country, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed H.B. 318 into law earlier today in Greensboro.

“Legislation like H.B. 318 does not represent the true values of our communities,” CWS President and CEO the Rev. John L. McCullough said. “This legislation fosters fear, discrimination and racial profiling in communities across North Carolina. Governor McCrory has ignored repeated protests and letters from faith and immigrant communities across the state, and today he legalized discrimination.

“We condemn this harmful legislation and are committed to working with cities and communities to minimize the impact of H.B. 318 and to advocate for policies that promote inclusion rather than discrimination.”

Since the legislation was introduced, CWS and other organizations mobilized hundreds of calls and actions from leaders within refugee, immigrant and religious communities, including a letter signed by 30 local faith leaders asking Governor McCrory to veto H.B. 318. While cities across the state, including Greensboro, have worked with immigrant and faith communities to pass local legislation welcoming refugees and immigrants, Governor McCrory chose to ignore those efforts and sign H.B. 318 in a city that openly supports initiatives that welcome immigrants.

“In Greensboro, we have worked hard to build a city where diversity is respected and welcoming newcomers is a core value, as seen by our city resolution against the anti-immigrant legislation H.B. 318,” CWS Grassroots Organizer Adamou Mohamed said.  “It is an affront to our great city that Governor McCrory would come here to sign this harmful bill.”

H.B. 318 will prohibit local government officials from accepting official identification issued by foreign consulates, municipalities or community organizations. Because of the tremendous impact this will have on the community, CWS will continue to mobilize to stop H.B. 318 through repeal.  As an organization committed to ending hunger, CWS also condemns the H.B. 318 provision that will eliminate extensions of nutritional assistance for many adults.