Celebrating the Lives and Contributions of Immigrant Communities

October 3, 2018

Levine Family Kitchen photographed by Battman Studios

This November as we come together in New York City to celebrate and honor the contributions immigrants and refugees have made to our communities, we cannot think of a better place to gather than the Tenement Museum.

The Tenement Museum showcases the lives of immigrants who made New York into the vibrant diverse city that it is today. Starting in the 19th Century, over 15,000 individuals originating from over 20 different nations rebuilt their “home” within the tenement buildings that now make up the Tenement Museum.

The stories of families you encounter inside the museum embody a piece of our country’s foundation we are most proud of and continue to work towards. As you hear about the lives of immigrant families in the 19th Century, the museum reminds visitors of our nation’s proud history of welcoming those who are looking for a chance to work hard and make a better life for themselves and their families. It is on this basis that the United States was formed.

Attendees of CWS’s 7th annual Benefit for Change Event will have the opportunity to take guided tours of apartments that recreate immigrant life in the 19th and 20th centuries. The stories shared during the tours do not live in isolation of a distant past, instead they lend themselves to relevant conversations and debates about immigration, public health and support services still had today.

When individuals who risk everything for a chance at a better life are given support to achieve one, everybody wins. When individuals thrive, their communities thrive. When communities thrive, the whole country thrives. It is in our best interest to continue to welcome and support our immigrant and refugee neighbors, who have made the United States what it is today. A country that offers both protection and a chance at a life of dignity and worth.

CWS is proud to partner with the Tenement Museum for this year’s reception as together we celebrate our history and commitment to continue as a country of refuge and opportunity.

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