Walk a Mile

Mallory Brown | July 21, 2019


I believe people are good. That kindness is everywhere. That diversity should be celebrated and that change is possible. I believe that one person can make a difference.

And when that “one person” is a woman, the difference can be huge.

Empowering women is a priority for CWS. That’s why I’m partnering with CWS for the fourth mile of my Walk a Mile marathon.

I’ve committed to walking each mile of this marathon with a strong woman around the world who is fighting extreme poverty. It’s a way for me to hear her story, but it’s also a way for me – and thousands of people who care – to support her fight.

On Mile 4, I joined CWS in Belgrade, Serbia to walk with Mirjana. She lives in a Roma settlement there. For context, Roma women are one of the most marginalized groups in Europe. That means that the women in Mirjana’s community have a nearly impossible climb to reach the most basic opportunities. Education, employment, income, clean water, safe neighborhoods for their children…all are out of reach.

But there are things you and I can do to help close the gap. I dedicated Mile 4 to Mirjana and the educational opportunities that women in her community are receiving through CWS. My goal is to raise $26,000 for them. Watch the video above to learn more… and make sure to give today!

Mallory Brown