URGENT TAKE ACTION: Tell President Biden and Congress to Halt Inhumane Expulsions and Anti-Asylum Policies at the Border

December 15, 2021

The Biden administration is continuing to misuse the unlawful and immoral Title 42 order – a Trump administration policy to shut down the border to people seeking refuge. This policy has wrongfully expelled over 1.2 million people to danger without due process or the opportunity to seek asylum, forcing people back to danger in Mexico or the harm they fled. It has proven to be a discriminatory policy, particularly targeting Haitians and other Black migrants seeking safety. In the last two months alone, 8,500 families and adults have been expelled to life threatening conditions in Haiti. Public health experts, including senior CDC experts, have consistently concluded that the policy lacks any public health rationale and have noted that the U.S. has the tools it needs to safely process asylum seekers.

At the same time, the administration restarted and expanded another Trump-era policy, the “Remain in Mexico” policy, formally known as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). This harmful policy has also led to thousands of kidnappings, assaults, and other abuses against asylum seekers, who are forced to wait months in Mexico ahead of their immigration court hearings in the U.S. The Dec. 2nd announcement from the administration outlined the expansion of the policy to include all those seeking asylum from the Western hemisphere. Although the administration asserts it will fully end the policy, the embrace of Title 42 and the expansion of MPP costs lives.

It is vital that we speak out against these harmful policies and urge the administration to welcome people with dignity by immediately ending the use of the unlawful and immoral Title 42 policy, do everything in their power to end MPP, and fully restore asylum protections.

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Sample Email/Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I am deeply disturbed to see people seeking asylum still being turned away and expelled under the misuse of the immoral and unlawful Title 42 policy. Under the policy, thousands of Haitian and other asylum seeking families and adults have been expelled to the very danger they fled. Public health experts, including senior CDC officials, have consistently stated that this policy does not protect public health. Moreover, public health officials have outlined the severe physical and mental health consequences for asylum seekers expelled under the Title 42 policy. U.S. and international law require that people be permitted to exercise their right to seek asylum, yet we are still cruelly and unlawfully blocking and turning people away. In addition, I am concerned with the restart and expansion of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, also known as the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols. This policy forces people seeking asylum to await their U.S. court dates in dangerous conditions in northern Mexico, under the threat of violence, kidnappings, and homelessness. I urge you to tell the Biden administration to immediately and fully restore asylum protections and welcome all people with dignity. My community welcomes asylum seekers and immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”

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  • .@CDCgov @CDCDirector @POTUS @FLOTUS it’s long overdue to #EndTitle42 to stop unjust & discriminatory expulsions of asylum seekers at the border that have no basis in public health concern. 
  • .@POTUS & @CDCDirector Title 42:

👉 Hurts people fleeing danger

👉 Separates families

👉 Violates our laws & international treaties

         It’s time to #EndTitle42 and #WelcomeWithDignity

  • .@POTUS: Title 42 discriminates against Haitians and Black migrants seeking safety. 8,500 families and adults  have been expelled or deported to unsafe conditions in Haiti, in the last two months. It’s time to #EndTitle42
  • There is no public health rationale for unlawfully closing our border to people seeking safety and expelling them back to danger. @POTUS & @CDCDirector: #EndTitle42 and #WelcomeWithDignity 


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