URGENT CALLS NEEDED: Stop the Administration from Setting Historic Low Refugee Admissions Goal

October 1, 2020

The administration is planning to consult with Congress about the FY 2021 refugee admissions goal on Tuesday, October 20th. The administration has proposed a refugee admissions goal for FY 2021 of 15,000 – a historic low. The administration also proposed allocations based on populations of specific concern, not geographic need or vulnerability, which means it is likely that fewer than 15,000 refugees will actually be able to be resettled this year. It is important to expand the categories of refugee allocations, so that the United States can resettle the most vulnerable refugees and actually meet the FY 2021 admissions goal.

As we head into the 3rd week of this fiscal year, the President has STILL failed to sign a refugee admissions goal for FY 2021, grinding the resettlement program to an indefinite halt. 

Since taking office, the administration has sought to dismantle and destroy the U.S. refugee resettlement system, betraying the U.S.’s legacy as a global humanitarian leader. After setting the lowest refugee admissions goal of 18,000 in the program’s history last year, the Trump administration has been poised to continue on this trajectory. For nearly four decades, the annual goal has averaged 95,000 refugees. Today, there are 29.6 million refugees worldwide — but refugees are more than just a global figure; they are families torn apart, children who have witnessed profound violence and people seeking a chance to rebuild their lives and raise a family in safety.

The administration has already violated U.S. law by failing to consult with Congress and to set a refugee admissions goal for FY 2021 by October 1st. It is critical that Members of Congress hear that their constituents want the administration to meaningfully consult with Congress, the President to sign a refugee admissions goal of 95,000 (the historic average), and expand the categories of refugee allocations to include an “Other” category.

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Sample Email/Script:  “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I urge you to protect the refugee resettlement program. I am outraged that President Trump is proposing a new historic low refugee admissions goal of 15,000 and has failed to conduct meaningful consultations by October 1st, as required by U.S. law, and has NOT set the refugee admissions goal for Fiscal Year 2021. I urge you to hold the administration accountable to meaningfully consult with Congress on Tuesday, October 20th, sign a refugee admissions goal for FY 2021 at 95,000 (the historic average), and expand the categories of refugee allocations to include an “Other” category. In the last three years, the administration has cut refugee resettlement by more than 80%, but our country can – and should – safely resettle more refugees and reunite more families. Refugees have contributed greatly to America in ordinary times, and have continued to show up for their new communities during the COVID-19 crisis, with many on the frontlines, including 176,000 serving as healthcare workers and 175,000 working in the food supply chain. My community welcomes refugees, and I urge you to reflect the best of our nation by supporting refugee resettlement.”

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Please find Church World Service’s statement on the proposed historic low PD here and the Interfaith Immigration Coalition’s statement here.

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