Take Action: Urge the Administration to Protect Afghans Seeking Safety and Protection

September 2, 2021

Right now, countless vulnerable Afghans remain in imminent danger. Following President Biden’s August 31 deadline to complete withdrawal from the country, the humanitarian crisis is far from over for at-risk Afghans, including hundreds of thousands of Afghans who assisted the U.S. mission, U.S. citizens, and legal permanent residents who have been left behind, prevented from accessing life-saving services. Urgent action is needed to hold the administration accountable to ensure the U.S. establishes safe pathways out of Afghanistan and supports Afghans in danger seeking to evacuate—including women and girls, religious and minority groups, people with disabilities, and others—to the United States, for as long as it takes to get people to safety. Please share this Top 5 Ways to Support Afghans Seeking Refuge to learn what you can do today!

Tell Congress to Urge the Administration to Evacuate Vulnerable Afghans to U.S. Territories
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Sample Email: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN] and [as a person of faith/refugee], I urge you to call on the administration to urgently evacuate all vulnerable Afghans who are in danger—including women and girls, religious and minority groups, people with disabilities, and others—for as long as it takes to get people to safety in the United States. Adherence to a hard deadline for withdrawal is already costing countless lives, and it is imperative that the United States creates safe pathways out of the country. The United States should further expand and expedite life-saving refugee protections, such as by increasing “Priority 1” referrals and expanding the “Priority 2” direct access program to include, at minimum, family members of U.S. government employees, U.S. government employees not covered by the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, and other at-risk populations such as activists, journalists, religious and ethnic minorities, and humanitarian workers. My community welcomes vulnerable Afghans seeking refuge, and I urge you to do the same.”

Amplify on Social Media: Share this message on social media using the sample social below and tagging the targets listed below. Here is a social media toolkit and new RCUSA graphics! There are also multiple digital toolkits with sample posts, graphics, talking points, and other messaging guidance, including: We Are All America’s Afghan Rapid Response Toolkit and RCUSA’s Afghanistan Social Media Response Toolkit. Accounts to tag include: @StatePRM @WHNSC @SecBlinken @WhiteHouse. 

  • @POTUS @WhiteHouse @SecBlinken @SecDef: Failure to act now assures the deaths of thousands. Continue the evacuation until all of our allies and other at-risk Afghans are safe in U.S. territory. #EvacuateNow
  • Faith leaders, veterans, & Congressional champions told the Biden admin for MONTHS that they needed to execute a real evacuation plan. Now, thousands are in danger. @POTUS: continue the #AfghanEvac as long as it takes to bring our allies & others at risk to safety.
  • We cannot abandon the promises we made to our allies and at-risk Afghans. @POTUS: you must extend the deadline and continue evacuating as many people as possible. Lives depend on it. #AfghanEvac

Tell Congress to Equip Our Communities with Resources They Need: Click here to tell Congress to support the authorization for Afghans entering with humanitarian parole to receive resettlement services, supplemental funding to make this a reality, and legislation to provide an opportunity for Afghans arriving with humanitarian parole to apply for legal permanent residence.

Tell Your Governors and State & Local Officials How They Can Help: We created a new community resource for how state and local policy-makers, as well as governors, can support Afghans in need of protection. Here is a one-page toolkit with background information and actions that state and local officials can take: https://bit.ly/StateLocalAfghanToolkitThere are four main actions, including writing a letter to the White House. We have a template letter that officials can be used/adapted/copied, available here: https://bit.ly/StateLocalAfghanLetter. Please contact Meredith Owen at mowen@cwsglobal.org with questions.

Have more questions? Check out our new FAQInformation about the pathways for Afghans to be welcomed to the United States is available here. For a collection of resources for Afghans seeking assistance, and actions individuals, organizations, and elected officials can take to support vulnerable Afghans, please check out: https://rcusa.org/afghanistan/. To contact Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) to learn more about how you can help, email AFGHANISTANRESPONSE@RCUSA.ORG. To learn more about how you can help loved ones overseas and welcome newly-arrived Afghan families, please visit: https://bit.ly/CWSAfghanResources. Information about how to volunteer with CWS is available here. Check out CWS’s Lunch and Learn series on how to help Afghans seeking refuge (PowerPoint and Q&A).

Thank you for taking action, and please share this alert with your networks!