Take Action for Women and Girls

March 9, 2020

We’ve made much progress since International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1910. Today, fewer women die giving birth, more can own property in their own name and millions more girls are literate and attend school.

However, there is still a long way to go! Women and girls are 25% more likely than men to endure extreme poverty. 35% of them worldwide experience sexual or physical violence by a non-partner at some time of their lives, and up to 70% from an intimate partner. In conflict areas, this number is even higher: At least 1 in 5 refugees or displaced women in humanitarian settings have experienced sexual violence*. Despite this, the humanitarian assistance given to address these problems represents a fraction of global humanitarian funding – a mere .012% between 2016 and 2018!

U.S. engagement and funding is critical to addressing women’s needs! To commemorate International Women’s Day, call your Senator and/or Representative and ask them to support S.2766 and H.R. 4092.

S. 2766 aims to increase US funding to protect women and girls during and after humanitarian emergencies. H.R. 4092 aims to promote the civic engagement and leadership training of adolescent girls around the world. These bipartisan bills provide critical resources to help women and girls defend and protect themselves.

Help commemorate International Women’s Day this year!

Call on your Senator and ask them to support S.2766: “Girls’ Leadership, Engagement, Agency, and Development Act of 2019” or the “Girls LEAD Act”.

Call your Representative and ask them to support H.R. 4092 the “The Safe from the Start Bill”

* https://www.rescue.org/sites/default/files/document/663/gbvscreeninglowres.pdf