Support international relief and development aid

March 27, 2017

Oppose President Trump’s budget cuts

President Trump has proposed a budget for Fiscal Year 2018 that will cut approximately 30 percent from international assistance that provides a “hand up” for people struggling to overcome poverty in low-income countries. These cuts will result in more people dying from hunger and disease, the stunting of children’s growth, refugees being abandoned, and the ravages of climate change going unaddressed.

Urge your Members of Congress to OPPOSE the Trump budget and SUPPORT robust funding for humanitarian and poverty-focused foreign aid.

Congress, not the President, determines the federal budget. Congress is not obligated to follow the president’s proposal, but it needs to hear from constituents – from YOU!

Foreign assistance saves lives!

Foreign aid is only 1 percent of the federal budget, but it makes a profound difference in the lives it touches. This assistance feeds the hungry, heals the sick, welcomes the refugee and brings hope to millions of children, women and men. Aid enhances U.S. and global human security by helping create a world where everyone has enough.

And foreign aid works! Over the past 25 years it has helped cut extreme poverty in half and reduced annual deaths of children under 5 years old from 12 million to 6 million. The U.S. plan to counter HIV/AIDS has saved more than 11 million people and prevented nearly 2 million babies form being born with HIV. Now is NOT the time to close our hearts and roll back these tremendous successes.

Call Your Senators and Representatives:  (202) 224-3121

[The automated system will direct you to your Representative and Senators] Please call 3 times to be connected with your 1 Representative and 2 Senators.

Sample Script: “I am your constituent from [City, State, Zip Code]. I urge you to support robust funding for humanitarian and poverty-focused foreign aid. Fund the international affairs account at least at last year’s level. This aid is only 1 percent of the federal budget. It feeds the hungry, heals the sick, assists the displaced and brings hope to millions of people. Cutting it by 30 percent, as the president’s budget proposes, or by any amount, will destroy lives and hurt U.S. interests around the world.”

Please also express a reason rooted in your faith and from your own heart and experience for supporting international aid.

Thank you for raising your voice on behalf of our sisters and brothers with the greatest need!