Call for Nominations to the CWS Board of Directors

The CWS 2020 strategic vision is clearly underway, and we are excited to continue to benefit from our long tradition of having a dynamic and diverse board of directors. We are writing to ask your assistance in finding qualified candidates as well as to ensure that we have a strong pool of candidates (as our nominations process is continuous).

Thank you for your interest in participating in the mission of CWS.


We welcome the nomination of prospective board members who are committed to our mission, share our core values, and are prepared to dedicate themselves in this service.

Every board requires a variety of gifts among those who serve. The Board of Directors of Church World Service seeks candidates for the Board. We are particularly interested in individuals with some of these qualities:

  • Experience in fundraising
  • Experience in bringing out-of-the-box thinking and change to organizations
  • Experience in financial management and accounting
  • Strong existing relationships with foundations, corporations and/or individual persons who would be interested in donating to this work
  • Experience in working on the issues related to refugees and displacement is an advantage
  • People who feel a personal connection to the CWS mission
  • Those interested in personally donating money and material resources to the work of CWS

We encourage potential board members from a range of cultural and generational perspectives to apply.


Please fill out our online form, with submissions welcome before the end of July each year.  If the candidate wants to be considered for the first upcoming round of Board selection, please send completed nominations before this date to

The Nominations & Board Development Committee will review and short-list nominees, carry out interviews and reference checks.

The Nominations and Board Development Committee will prepare their recommendations. The Board of Directors will approve the slate of nominees in their fall meeting, followed by the election by Members at their Annual Meeting in October.

New board members begin their service the following January 1st, unless elected to fill an unexpired term, in which case their service commences immediately.

If it is determined that our needs and your gifts do not match at this particular time, a representative from the CWS Board could contact you regarding other service opportunities and other ways to engage in our mission. If not, you will remain part of the nominations pool for future consideration.

What You Need to Know About Serving on the CWS Board of Directors

Achieving our mission requires leadership from our volunteer board. Building a strong CWS Board requires that prospective board members know from the outset the opportunities and expectations that come with service on this volunteer board.

For more information and background on CWS, please refer to the, which includes our vision, mission and care values.


Board members are expected to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to the Vision and Mission of CWS and to fulfill the duties outlined in the CWS Bylaws.
  • Faithfully prepare for and attend three annual board meetings and related activities scheduled one year in advance. Meetings are usually held over 2 days in January, May and October, with one virtual meeting in July.  (Transportation, housing and meals are reimbursable expenses only by exception.)
  • Be open to accepting additional assignments as requested by the Board or Board Chair. Assignments can include committee membership, using a special skill, making presentations about CWS, thanking donors or accompanying staff on donor visits.
  • Participate in the meeting of committees of which you are a member, by conference call or in person. Board standing committees and ad hoc committees meet by at least two conference calls scheduled at the discretion of committee member calendars between board meetings.
  • Support CWS through commits of time, talent and treasure, including skills, experience, and networks. All Board members commit to make an annual donation that is personally meaningful and contributes to the Board’s own goal for giving.
  • Understand that financial oversight includes helping to secure funding in support of the organization’s mission.

Terms of Office

The term of service for a member of the Board of Directors of CWS is 3 years, with eligibility for a second three-year term.

Board Membership

The Bylaws provide for a Board of Directors of CWS comprised of no fewer than 15 members and no more than 22. At least 51% of the members of the Board of Directors must be affiliated with one of our 37 member communions. The incumbent Board provides guidance to the Nominations and Board Development Committee on skills and experience to be prioritized.

Selection Process

A public call for nominations is open to all who have the desire to serve and feel they are qualified.

Nomination Information Forms are to be completed by the end of July each year. The Nomination and Board Development Committee will review the information to compile an initial list of potential candidates. Nominees will be interviewed by telephone and references checked. The Nomination and Board Development Committee will recommend a slate of nominees to the CWS Board of Directors for consideration in October. The Board will present its nominees to The Annual Membership Meeting in October. The Annual Members Meeting will individually elect the new directors, whose term of service ordinarily begins in January.


Complete the Nomination Information Form online here.

For more information, please contact