Hurricane Matthew

Photo: Margot DeGreef / CWS

This pregnant mother of six told our staff, “We had left our house to look for shelter elsewhere. The house got damaged. I had one suitcase and thieves took it. The shoes and school uniforms got spoiled in the mud. My children are not in school now.” Photo: Margot DeGreef / CWS

In the Caribbean:

Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti earlier this month with 135 mile/hour winds and torrential rain, leaving behind widespread destruction. Numerous reports have come in of destroyed crops, damaged houses, lost animals and blocked roads.

CWS is taking part in the ACT Alliance response in the Caribbean, through which we will support housing repair in Haiti. Additionally, CWS response will help to rebuild infrastructure that was damaged or destroyed in the storm. That includes animal shelters, seed distribution and grain storage, repair of rural access roads, microcredit, soil conservation and psychosocial support.

Rain – and subsequent flooding – in Haiti’s Northwest Department are causing further severe and acute destruction even weeks after Hurricane Matthew. CWS partners report that rising water levels are causing roads to be inaccessible and are washing away houses. The few animals that survived Hurricane Matthew have been washed away in the flooding.

Your gift means solidarity with those struggling to rebuild in the wake of the storm. The need in Haiti’s Northwest Department is great, and additional funds are urgently needed. Please consider donating now. Read our full appeal here.

In the United States:

The effects of Hurricane Matthew in the United States continue to unfold. CWS has shipped 2,200 Emergency Cleanup Buckets and 120 Hygiene Kits to North Carolina as part of response to flooding. Our response will also include small recovery grants to partner organizations who are serving vulnerable affected communities. Read our full appeal here.

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