5 Ways to Help Families and Children Seeking Asylum at the Border

July 8, 2019

Women from Central America on the migrant caravan through southern Mexico. Photo by Sean Hawkey

As desperate humanitarian crises in Central America have forced thousands of families to flee from their homes, the Trump Administration has blocked them from seeking safety, separated children from their parents, and detained children in inhumane conditions. This is not who we are or what we stand for.

Every family has the right to live together in safety and dignity. Take action now:

  1. Call Congress: Click here to tell your Members of Congress to stop the administration from turning away families seeking safety and detaining children in inhumane conditions. 
  2. Donate: Help parents get released from detention so that they can be reunited with their children. Donate to RAICES, Freedom for Immigrants, or other community bail funds.
  3. Host or Join Local Events: To learn more about how to organize a local vigil, action, or other event, please check out the Interfaith Congressional Recess Toolkit.
  4. Support Families: Support CWS and local border shelters to make sure families who are released get the welcome they deserve.
  5. Amplify on Social Media: Spread the word on social media to your friends and your Representatives & Senators! Click here and here for sample posts & graphics.



What CWS is doing: CWS runs a hotline to support asylum seekers who are in need of legal counsel or are seeking to reunite with family members while they await their immigration hearing. We are also working with Congress to hold the administration accountable to not turning away asylum seekers and pushing back against the administration’s policies that are denying children and families access to protection and returning people to harm. This includes congressional oversight on detention conditions and standards.

CWS is supporting local border shelters that welcome families and children released from detention centers and that help them reunite with their families in the United States. We provide food, clothing, blankets and hygiene items to these shelters, which are receiving over 1,500 asylum-seekers every day. 

Additional Information: For more resources on what Congress can and should be doing to help families at the border, please check out our faith-based border policy recommendations and funding recommendations.