Keep U.S. Doors Open

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It’s taken decades for the United States to build its refugee resettlement program, and we’re proud to be a big part of that story. It’s a story of where every single person here has a chance to protect families who are in danger. Our work protecting refugee families began after the destruction caused by World War II. It was a critical time to define who we as a country were going to be.

You’re also part of this story. And today, as there are more families seeking safety than ever before, we face a new defining moment for our nation.

Refugee resettlement is on the line. The administration is reportedly proposing we close our country’s doors to refugees. But you have a say. Here’s how you can fight to keep our doors open:

  • Donate using the form on this page. Your gift is an extension of your voice; it’ll build large-scale advocacy for refugee families and support families in their daily needs.
  • Call Congress to voice your concern. You can access sample scripts and call info here.

Thank you for taking a stand.

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