2 Degrees and CWS Partnership

William Wildey | December 14, 2013

As originally published by Two Degree Food, 12/9/2013

I like snack bars.  But, who would have thought the snack bars I eat could be related to my passion for fighting hunger?  Working for CWS, where we believe strongly that no one ever go hungry, I am very excited about 2 Degrees and the promise it holds for hungry children.

In fact, I’ve spent the past few months filling colleagues and friends heads with stories about this rather incredible tasting line of snack bars. Gluten free, vegan and loaded with good nutrition, you can purchase and enjoy 2 Degrees bars knowing that every bar you eat means another meal for a hungry child.

CWS has been around since 1946, fighting the good fight in so many ways around the globe. We have seen new development ideas and strategies come and go. But few empower everyone and anyone to be as involved in changing the world. You see, that’s the power of the one-for-one model: For every bar you buy, a hungry child eats. It’s that simple. It’s that exciting!

Partnering with CWS, 2 Degrees is supporting our food security programs around the world. Every 2 Degrees bar sold generates a meal for a hungry child.  They have lined up an exciting list of businesses to sell their products, too, from Whole Foods to college campuses, yoga studios and more. In short, they are working very hard to make it very easy to make an impact in the fight against hunger.

In 2013, CWS helped make sure that more than 127,000 people in 22 countries had reliable access to food. Think of how many more families we could feed, how many more children we could help, by just spreading the word about 2 Degrees and their work!

Let’s be honest. Just thinking about it makes me hungry for another snack bar.

William Wildey is the CWS Vice President for Development and his favorite 2 Degrees bar is Chocolate Peanut.